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The legalease... it's world famous!

Some things you really should know…

We’re not lawyers or accountants. And until you’ve got a contract with us, we’re not really consulting for ya either! Any advice we give on this website, or in other related published material is our opinion based on experience. Experience that may or may not have had a positive result.  Always seek the advice of your own resources before acting on something that we might say or suggest outside of a written agreement. Until you’re under contract, our liability is ZERO, and even then it’s limited to the terms within.

You should assume we have motivation behind everything that we suggest or write about. Before acting… You should also assume that we are no better then you are and your opinion has just as much weight as ours. You understand that we are not responsible for anything you take from our site and do on your own, no matter how right or wrong it may appear to be. Advice is only worth as much as you’ve paid for it… on our website advice is free unless otherwise stated.

All of our visitors, should be aware that while this disclaimer is written in plain English, and not loaded full of legal jargon, it remains valid in its efforts to keep us squeaky clean. In short, we are not responsible for anything. Should you decide that hiring us is something you’d like to do, we’d be more than happy to provide you with a full written legal disclosure with specific terms and conditions.

On the privacy of our clients…

We love our clients, and our clients love us, but we’ve got to be sensitive to the fact that the work we do for clients influences their bottom lines, sometimes to the tune of millions of dollars. This makes what we do valuable, but also proprietary.  Trust us when we say that it can be frustrating to be so reserved sometimes, but we just can’t kiss and tell.

Most understand this little dilemma and appreciate that we take our client’s businesses seriously. If this is something you cannot handle, we’re likely not the folks you need to be speaking with. However, to those who can, we really appreciate your understanding and look forward to having a long-lasting, profitable relationship.

If you have any real questions please contact our Legal Department at the following address:

C/O: Legal
757 St. Charles Ave.
Suite # 302
New Orleans, LA 70130